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  • Atom 6HV



    Atom 6HV can be powered by a single 12S Lipo Battery as well as by 2 x 6S packs. Battery sizes from 2600mAh up to 3300mAh can be used with awesome power and long flight times! This helicopter is the first one to allow 500 size helicopter owners to re-use their existing battery packs in a bigger heli. A lot of pilots would like to fly a bigger helicopter without investing in new Chargers and Balancers. So here is the right Helicopter for the right budget with the Innovative Technology that you have come to expect from Compass Models.



    • Best 3D Performance
    • Precision ECCPM 120° Metal Swashplate
    • Metal Rotor Head
    • Metal Tail Gear Case
    • Carbon Frames
    • Main gear 104T Mod 1
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Low Parts Count
    • 80% Pre-Assembled Kit
    • Wear Resistant Parts
    • Compass High-Torque BL Motor
    • Dual Pin Zero-Slop Tail Pitch Mechanism
    • Designed for 12S Battery


    • Length: 1270mm
    • Motor Pinion: 10T
    • Weight: 3500g (3300mAh 25C 12S)
    • Gear Ratio: 10.4:1:4.8
    • Motor: 600 BL HT
    • KV: 540
    • Best Efficiency 93%
    • Battery Type: Lipo 2x6S or 12S
    • Battery Size: 2600mAh to 3300mAh 25C
    • Rotor Blades: 600 to 615mm
    • Flying Time: 6 Min 3D - 3300mAh 25C

    Kit contains

    • Pre-Assembled Carbon Frame Set
    • Pre-Assembled Reinforced Main Gear
    • Pre-Assembled Performance Rotor Head
    • 615mm Carbon Blades
    • Pre-Assembled Precision Tail Rotor
    • Metal Tail Gear Case
    • Brushless High Torque Motor
    • High Quality Painted FG Canopy

    Available kits:

    1. Complete Kit like shown above w. Motor and ESC.2. Kit with Carbon Blades, without ESC.3. Kit with Carbon Blades.

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